Sound Healing Maui Massage Services


“Sound Healing Maui” Hawaii’s Best Kept Secret!

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A massage experience nestled in a tropcal garden setting in beautiful Hana, Maui.

call or text today 600-0376….Mahalo Alika L.M.T. Kanaka Maoli

Sound Healing for Couples

Sound Healing Maui offers a unique, powerful and effective way to stimulate mind and body. A combination massage and sound therapy experience.

  Aloha – I have integrated my Native form of massage with- vibration of Sound “energy medicine” therapy for more than two decades now, serving Maui’s guest and locals alike since’97.

Live Sound Healing Massage, Hana Maui.

808- 600-0376

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  1. Aloha F<3uary couples ~SPECIAL~
    Blissphony session for two- in joy Maui Vibration @ 5pm

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Live Sound Healing Massage in Hana, Maui