Hana Massage Services

 Traditional Lomi Lomi Massage


Combined with Sound healing therapy that is safe and non invasive, I provide you not only with the state of the art healing modalities, but the opportunity to connect to Maui’s spiritual/healing venues Island wide, please contact me for a one on one consultation and or host/guide to upcoming events.

Sound healing~ change in consciousness, that brings about the necessary changes .                           Sound 

Massage Menu:

Signiture Massage-Live Sound w/Hands on “Lomi Lomi”
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi
Deep tissue
Chair massage
Chakra charging ahhh Sound bath!
Couples Bliss Session!

Charka Charging- the “tune-up” for you and your beloved “, witness the power of sound healing resonance factors, and enjoy blissful sensations ‘endorphins’, that when shared with your partner’s polarity field, combine, enhance, and create a deeper appreciation of love, joy, and bliss!

Sound therapy combines certain aspects of psychology and metaphysics in relationship to the human energy field and it’s profound effect on behavior and interactions that promote a positive outlook on life!

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Our mission is to create insight and understanding of how the brain contributes to mystic, religious, and spiritual experiences.

Addressing the mental self, emotional self, physical self & spiritual self, building character, behavior and consciousness.

                               Sound healing  Maui in Beautiful Hana!


Live Sound Healing Massage in Hana, Maui