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Aloha soundhealingmaui,is a therapy, of sacred sound frequencies that fine tunes the body’s vibrational field and raises levels of consciousness. Ancient cultural secrets- to improve your health.

Sound therapy is one of the oldest forms of energy healing, and is now recognized as a leading modality in body mind therapy.

From the simple repetition of mystical words to complex rhythms and structures, sound waves can alter our mood and enhance well-being.

Numerous mystics and sages credit the proper use of sound as a source of great wisdom. It offers profound spiritual growth, putting pilgrims on the spiritual-fast-track.

Using Sound/Music for Enlightenment and Practical Uses:

Develop Psychic and Spiritual Gifts through Ancient Sounds
Increase- amplify your Energy
Think more clearly, improve your Memory,
Synchronize both halves of your brain simultaneously,
Improve your meditation abilities
Increase your Spirituality, Power, Consciousness and Clarity
Emotional clearing, clear- disperseEnergy Blockages with sound energy!

All of this in the most Magical place in Hawaii! Hana Maui

24 hr. Hana Healing package- includes overnight visit,
massages and sacred healing sites. Contact   


Sound Healing Maui 283-7509


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