Charging your Heart

Sound Healing Maui Awakening your Shakti!

Opening up to the power of your life-force.

Chakra Charging for two!
Immerse yourself in a shower of sound frequencies that will help you and your beloved discover the depths and miracles of your inner beauty. Enjoy the power and beauty of two people feeling the love within at the same time and sharing it with each other.

Sound Healing
Sound Healing

Allow me a trusted guide to provide entrance into the realm of what it is known as dreamtime, and become initiated into the mysteries that lie within.

When balanced, one is radiant and healthy,… magnetic and powerful.
 Shakti, the combining of male and female energies, enhancing a deeper 
appreciation of love, joy and bliss.
The love is inside of you.
Love is who you are on a soul level.
Love is your natural state.

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Live Sound Healing Massage in Hana, Maui