Conscious Sound Healing Meditation


Guided meditation practice using light, visualization and our most powerful tool Sound!

Meditation and color the perfect compliment to Sound Healing.

Visualizing and meditating with color are powerful healing tools if used regularly, healing this way can be very potent because as we experience different color vibrations they in turn affect our energy bodies.

To explain this further… each color of the light spectrum has it’s own unique vibration with specific healing characteristics and those vibrations interact with and affect our personal vibrations (color is light, light is vibration and we are made up of vibrations. An imbalance in our personal vibration is the major culprit behind various disorders ranging from high blood pressure to skin disorders as well as psychological problems. Color can therefore have a profound effect on your mood, vitality and well-being!

Sound healing Meditation for individuals, couples and groups.                                                        (808) 283-7509

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