Character and Consciousness bio

Bio skills & education…Aloha Sound Healing Maui, Hana Hawaii


Lane Community College, Eugene OR.
Maui School of Therapeutic Massage,
Maui Academy of the Healing Arts
And numerous related work shops
Technical Skills:     Lomi Lomi Massage L.M.T.
Live Sound Therapy/Indigenous practices…
Meditation – integrating sound.
Spiritual Sound Cinema – visual & live sound…
Craftsman – Musician (wind instruments).

Owner/Operator, World Mark Trendwest, operated poolside & in room service.
Owner/ Operator of Aloha Bodyworks – a new awareness center.
Trade shows – building and construction of bamboo & wood instruments.
Health & Lifestyles Expo- Kapalua, Mauna lani, Princeville Marriott

      Dr. Andrew Weil MD

I have experienced Alika Spencer’s vibrational healing work and find it truly unique.
The combination of sound and hands-on work is deeply relaxing and sure to help restore equilibrium of both body and mind.
Andrew Weil. MD….

  Dear Alika,
Thank you so much. I have received amazing feedback from both trainees regarding their sound healing experiences. Even  people who did not get the individual treatment, but were  sitting watching, reported feeling calmer.
Health & Wellness Supervisor


                                       Mahalo Ke Aloha Mana Pono…A Hui Hou! Hope to see you soon!

Live Sound Healing Massage in Hana, Maui