Sound-Vibrations & Frequencies

Visiting the most remote part of Maui through the eyes of a Native Sound healer.

Aloha travel Maui…travel Hana…travel beyond time and space. Journey and travel
Insights await our time together in a paradise known to all locals as being the central hub
for healing in Hawaii, Hana Maui.
Experience Maui and beyond through the eyes of a native Sound healer.

E Komo Mai…” welcome” in ancient times it had been a well-known fact that on the island
of Maui, a place called Hana held qualities of healing within its community, factors
stemming from its environment to the “Ali” (royalties) that held ceremonial rituals were
practiced and performed.

Connect now and witness the potential…
~Sound Therapy
~Hana Journey
~ritual landmarks
~music venues, Spas, hiking Maui trails
~Mana Hana Lomi…signature massage with Sound healing

Ancient Sacred Sites Rituals/Traditions thru the eyes and Manao of a Medical Intuitive
“Kahuna” living a culturally rich lifestyle.

Sound Energy Therapy” is non-invasive, effective, unique, & powerful, witness tropical beauty and healing methods from your host Alika L.M.T. “ Sound Therapist” since 97, harmony, wellness, and beauty
second to none. Ancient yet revolutionary.

I present more than two decades of vibrational Sound energy via live sound
frequencies and the Hawaiian art of Lomi Lomi massage. Indigenous music and
instruments from around the world, integrating some of my instrumental allies played in
your desired location of choice.
Come along and travel to a tropically lush jungle as we reconnect to your higher state of
mind promoting and discovering your true inner self, non-invasive in nature, Sound
Healing Maui.
My Kuleana…responsibility!!
In appreciation of making a difference in our community and to all that are open to
creating and receiving change…E Aloha Mana Pono!

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Native Sound Healing in Maui

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Best of Sound Healing Maui

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"You are such a gift, a wonderful healer. I look forward to my return trip"