Mission Soundscapes for healing

Mission Soundscapes for healing can be utilized in ways you never thought possible to heal and transform the mind and body.

E Aloha Mai….interact with us as we learn to Stand in our Mastery and Find our Power through living in the Heart of Divine Love, activating and raising the vibration, starts within, and projects outward!

Our intention is to help you increase awareness of your personal biology and empower you to make smarter lifestyle choices. You will see life with new eyes – you will connect with yourself more deeply, with the natural world in new and unseen ways, enhancing your consciousness and vibration, while restoring harmony, health, and well-being. Witness a spiritual experience, described as an incident that goes beyond human understanding in how this experience could have happened in the first place.

Awaken-to-Joy-Alika-Spencer-Higher-Emotions-Maui Mission Soundscapes for healing


Start within -project outwardly-

Create a mindset of sacredness “ Uhane” the mindset that radiates outward for the collective good of all, our thoughts, our “Manao” our Mana.

Food for thought, we have an average of 50 thoughts per minute tens of thousands per day, to create a mindset in and of positive nature. Affirmations, meditation, and awareness.

The objective is to acknowledge it for what it is and replace it with your newfound practice, your Kuleana your choice creates the shift. The mindset that will prove beneficial in all walks of life. The very essence of your life is being in your breath and in a state of positive vibration!!!

To be in the moment with this newfound awareness allows your mindset to be non-judgmental, to feel/listen to the body, get out of the way of your thoughts, express without judgment, and separate the body from the mind and the mind from the ego. The act becomes more of a natural practice to transform your life.

Mindset photo Mission Soundscapes for healing Higher Emotions Alika Spencer

Uhane in spiritual awareness and in of Aloha we transform and radiate.

The intention is to increase awareness of your personal biology (daily biorhythm) to empower you to make smarter lifestyle choices.

Spiritual awakening is an awakening of a dimension of reality beyond the confines of the ego. The ego is our exclusive sense of self or “I”. Awakening occurs when the ego somehow lets go so that a higher self or spirit can arise within. Spiritual awakening is the process of returning to the original self, experiencing the rising of a higher state of consciousness which is what makes us truly human, be in the moment, the now, having the choice to make a difference and, truly radiate.