Welcome to Alika's Story

Welcome to my story of a surfer and as a Kanaka Maoli “native Hawaiian”… it all starts at the tender age of 14 some 50+ years ago as a youngster in junior high, I recall one day seeing my neighbor take off with his surfboard and parents, headed for the beach something I too wanted badly and dreamed of, ah yes surfing, side note- fast forward for a moment, little did I know my affinity to my new found hobby and passion lead to my career today as a practitioner in Sound Healing/Wellness industry,

Back to my desire in learning to surf, I remember it well, wasn’t long after that I approached my father requesting an advance in my allowance (huh what allowance?) in order to purchase a surfboard, he looked at me and rolled his eyes back and gave me the cold shoulder literally laughing at me, I couldn’t understand it, felt crushed, felt deprived mostly felt pissed off, come to find out he saw me as weak youngster clueless of what I presumed to be a walk in the park ( or a paddle into the unknown) thinking it would be another day at the beach, huh…nope “not to be” ah s#at! Wipe out. didn’t even touch the water yet… my dreams of a surfer had been shut down for another night perhaps.

When I look back and recall the excitement of longing to become this legendary (in my own mind) surf star…after all, growing up in Hawaii come on, what else rocks your board…boat and, being in my blood and of Hawaiian descent…automatic- dah!

The time came when my pissing and moaning resulted in a father-son deal, and the agreement (with no other option) became what I eventually found out to be a conditioning program a preprogramming in physical state, mental state, and most of all a mindful, respectful state for the ocean, one of the most powerful forces of nature without a doubt.

So back to the deal/agreement…it went like this, thirty days…at the end of 30 days he would buy me a surfboard, in his own stern way (take it or leave it) I was to swim 30 laps in the pool we had built the year before, every day for 30 days…WTF was no doubt my first thoughts which I kept to myself… I can do this… still some pissing and moaning surely taking place.

Legendary Surf Star


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Dreaming of Dancing on the Water

Day one with thirty laps under my belt, all I can remember was 29 more days to go, felt like an eternity, countless nights of being that water man/surfer guy dreaming of dancing on the water! Well as they say good things come to those who wait and wait…but yay yes got my first surfboard, remember it well…75$…short of 3$ a day or 10 cents per lap, doesn’t sound so bad now that I think about… yuck yuck!

However what came to be of great importance was the conditioning factor, the foresight he had of putting me on track in respect, strength, and preparation needed to face the unknown, laying out the foundation (Mahalo Dad) for what has come to be a life long passion of love, respect and a source of energy only a surfer knows.

Fast forward 4 years later to the year 1974 and with surfing every day under my belt I was pretty good I might say so myself, “yup” throughout high school running around with the best surfers ( after all our High School was coined the Surfrider’s..Yeah) my priority was just that “surfing”, to say the least, it created some friction with my dad who had been very strict about me finishing my schooling and earning a diploma…which I did, dunno how, lucky I reckoned!

Thanking my Dad: strict beyond his own balance in understanding and achieving respect from another, and if I may lack in fatherhood traits and others, too many to mention here…I was blind to see the demons and the struggles of his character/nature, his weakness, and challenges in life (forgiveness applied) cast that dark shadow that followed consciously and unconsciously …that being said I give thanks for the integrity of knowing right from wrong and thank him for the many skills given me, mostly DIY skills and an outlook on life in general… Mahalo “Love You Dad”!

Back to being an avid surfer and riding the big ones, the North shore of Oahu had been my playground, challenging to say the least in the pursuit of conquering her massive energy…whoo whoo what a ride, as a young man, teenager feeling bigger than life (so I thought) had its challenges surfing large waves, da big ones for hours at a time took its toll on ones/me body (can attribute it to be like run over by a truck) ah so-ah da body!

Massage Therapy/Sound Therapy Practitioner

Lucky you live Hawaii…a common saying here, yea lucky I lived next door to a shiatsu/massage therapist at the time, all that was required in exchange for a tuneup/body massage (ouch there were many) was lawn service, trade is welcome and always looked forward to…her lawn wasn’t big enough to offset the many sessions I had been blessed with… little did I know a carrier and self-preservation would follow. Lesson and reflection should be noted here… those who are most successful at maintaining their health are the ones who believe in their own intrinsic value making it worth the effort.

This knowledge and self-realization would one day lead me to the world of Massage Therapy/Sound Therapy, literally one morning, it was like a light bulb, turning on, hello massage ( good with my hands, nurturing, compassionate, intuitive blah blah) be the message, of course, the independence that would come, freedom from checking in with the boss being independent and self-employed, awareness of receiving the benefits of self-care gave me driving force and message to pursue my journey in the physical, mental and spiritual world of health and wellness.

A special note of importance needs to be addressed here, and that being the discovery/self-realization of our energetic bodies (ah-ha moment), the highest form of positive energy comes from love, love of a dear one, partner, pet, an experience/memory of great emotional value, and in my case “surfing”. The emotional charge that comes from catching that perfect ride, and the charge that comes from it is like no other, one wave will do it, reflecting that feeling/charge throughout your day has a way of carrying the perfection, energy, and love…charged and empowered…Amen…Mahalo Ke Akua! Thank you, Lord!

Fast forward to 2022… licensed and recognized Massage Therapist in the state (independent country-“story in itself”) of Hawaii, it was in the year 1997 when I had completed over 600 hours of academic and hands-on schooling and my journey in becoming a Sound Healer. As I look back on the many teachers and instructors that structured my path and passion in the industry, I send you all heartfelt gratitude and appreciation!