Sound Healing Services

Sound Healing Services to transform you to another place.

1) MassAwg-some people’s choice!!!

Complete Hawaiian massage, a tradition in broad long compression strokes addressing the whole body including the Iwi “bones” coming from the core of one’s intent, and in multi-tasking with live sound frequencies, the ability to include numerous instruments of healing qualities, the objective being to stimulate every cell in the body all the while receiving your massage, “as within so without”. To enter the Alpha flow state is to let go of the thought process, benefiting the hands-on performance.

2) Pyramid Charge XXX aka Stargait … advanced life-force techniques.

3) Reiki…advanced energy work, a form of Medical Intuition from 25yrs. of exp.

4) Shiatsu acupressure point stimulation along the major meridians while rocking.

5) Couples Bliss out “Love charge”…music not only allows us to express our emotions, but it also has the power to change our emotions. Union entrainment.

6) “Hana Musical Mana” is a live Sound Meditation culturally rich, Spiritually driven, and esoteric in nature sacred venue celebration. Location to be designed accordingly.

Suggested Donation 165 $ (allow for 2-3 hrs.) RSVP of 65 $ (pre-book)

Music not only allows us to express our emotions, but it also has the power to change our emotions.

~E Aloha Mana Pono~charged and empowered…Higher Emotions~

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Couples Bliss Therapy

Connecting to our Higher Emotions utilizing Sound Therapy

Best of Sound Healing Services Maui

Life Force Healing Techniques

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Offering Zoom Services Online

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“Instrumental Allies”

~Musical instruments used to “calibrate” the energy centers~ “Chakras” via specific whole tones.

Tuning forks;
Addressing specific points centers increasing the vibrational rate of energy flow optimizing bodily functions and emotions, a form of Acutonics.

Planetary Gongs;
Rich in overtones and undertones. Their complex vibrations promote healing and grounding at a deeper level.

Yidaki the didgeridoo’s deep resonant sound, grounds and connects one to the physical body.

a precursor in healing, subtle awakening of negative energies and emotional patterns.

Reverberations help ground energy while at the same time dispersing blocked energy and awakening the entire energetic system.

Introducing some of the tools of the trade used for your journey in the discovery of your true essence.

E Aloha Mai…hele mai

Ancient Energy Medicine

Learn How to Raise your Vibrations

Best of Sound Healing Maui